Saturday, November 7, 2009

My first step

This is my first time writing about my life .. well, i don't even know how this thing works, and i'm pretty sure no one is going to read it and its pretty much for nothing. haha

it's not a big problem, i'm having a blog because i'm pretty bored and it's somewhere i can complain about my life . :) So this is my first blog, which is useless. But i don't want my "page" to be empty.

I'm Justine Le and i live in Canada, Montreal and i like itt .
I am what we call a youngster ! aha, im very very sarcastic and i like to eat.
I love makeup, hair, and fashion.
I mean, i'm crazaaaaay about fashion.

i like anything unique, i hate everything in common.
common taste in music and ESPECIALLY when it comes to fashion. <3
i'm obsessed .